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These show various aspects, including setting up and charging the mask.

The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask helps to firm up your skin by increasing new healthy skin cells production; on the skin keratin turnover cycles. The average skin turnover cycle for healthy skin is 28 days whilst for aged skin could be up to 40 days. CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask, especially with its Near Infra Red (NIR) and Red Wave Length (RWL) LED helps penetrate into the skin layers and activate keratinocytes, assisting with healthy skin turnover leading to increased skin firmness.
YES! The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask increases skin hydration (moisture conrent in the skin) by activating fibroblasts in the skin, leading to collagen and hyaluronic acid production which is effective for deep skin hydration (hydration from the within the skin). You can also use the CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask in conjunction with our CELLRETURN Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule to moisturise the skin from the surface too.
YES! The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask helps increase collagen production in the skin by activating fibroblasts, promoting the mobility and proliferation of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are dermal cells with important components that synthesize extracellular matrix, collagen, elastin predominantly. Activating fibroblasts thus lead to procollagen synthesis (a precursor to collagen synthesis), which in turn leads to increase of collagen production in the skin.
YES! In fact we recommend that once your skin gets used to it, you should aim to use your CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask everyday for 20 minutes for optimum results. Using your CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask steadily on a daily basis, can help activate dermal cells in the skin, improving skin elasticity and clarity.
YES! The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask helps regulate oily skin by managing oil production, sebum management and pore expansion. Squeezing of zits is not recommended. Only by managing the underlying concerns of sebum and oil control, the skin can then effectively heal. Using specific wavelengths, the CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask also helps calm inflammation and soothes the skin. In fact, the CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask is an effective oily skin and problematic skin management device.

YES! Each wavelength has its own targeted effects on the skin. Depending on what skin type or what you would like to improve, the different modes can help you achieve healthy and youthful skin. You can easily customise your CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask according to your skin needs.

  • The Red Mode (20 minutes) combines Near Infra Red (NIR) with Red Wave Length (RWL) to give you brighter and more youthful skin, by improving skin density, hydration, elasticity and pore reduction.
  • The Blue Mode (20 minutes) uses Blue wave Length (BWL) to treat acne and blemishes, and control oil and sebum production. Best for problematic skin.
  • The Pink Mode (20 minutes) uses both Red Wave Length (RWL) and Blue wave Length (BWL); reduces inflammation and helps calm the skin.
The Fast Mode (9 minutes) for the fast paced professionals with 7 minutes of Red Mode, a minute of Blue Mode and a minute of Pink Mode. An intensive yet effective skin treatment.
YES! The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask holds Korea’s only LED module and US patent, as well as a variety of global safety certification. Our CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask is European CE marked, safety validated. It is also FCC (Federal Communications and Commission) and Electrical appliance safety certification electromagnetic compatibility validated. Our CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask has been ocular safety validated and (human application test) eye safety completed. We have included an eye shield to protect your eyes so you can feel completely safe when using your CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask.
YES! The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask is wireless to use (wireless touch) and to charge. It is easy to set up and easy to customise according to your own skin needs. If you are busy on a particular day, you can opt for the Fast Mode which only takes 9 minutes. The CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask also comes with two face shield; one open and one closed (so you can relax and focus on having your own ‘me’ time).
If you do wear contact lenses, you should remove them before using your CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask.
We do recommend using your CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask up to maximum of 20 minutes a day depending on your individual skin needs.
We do recommend that you wash your face before using the CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask and the mask should be worn on clean bare skin to avoid clogging of sweat and sebum.
The LEDs inside the CELLRETURN Platinum LED mask have a rated life of 50,000 hours which under normal use would be over 400 years!